• Who is Yayasan Khazanah?
    Yayasan Khazanah was established in 2006 by Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the investment holding arm of the Government of Malaysia. Our mission is to select, support, groom and nurture exceptional individuals capable of leading the best organisations in the country and around the world.
  • Is the Khazanah Scholarship Programme the right one for me?
    If you are scholar who is serious about career development, applying for the Khazanah Scholarship Programme makes perfect sense. Apart from receiving a full scholarship to study at premier universities either in Malaysia or abroad, the Khazanah Scholarship Programme offers you other advantages for further growth and development.
  • What would my career path be?
    Yayasan Khazanah will help plan your career path to accelerate your professional growth. You will have the opportunity to either join Khazanah Nasional or its investee companies and business partners in Malaysia or abroad.

  • How many scholarships are given out every year?
    The number varies depending on the suitability of the candidates each year.
  • What type of support will I get?
    Full scholarships are offered which include full academic fees, living expenses, accommodation as well as development and training support.
  • If I choose a different discipline, will my application still be considered?
    Yes, although preference will be for courses which have been pre-determined.
  • Which renowned universities abroad are considered for further studies under the Khazanah Scholarship Programme?
    Please refer to our list of universities.
  • Which renowned universities in Malaysia are considered for further studies under the Khazanah Scholarship Programme?
    Please refer to our list of universities.
  • Will there be an interview?
    Yes, it is part of the selection process.

Terms and Conditions
  • Are there expectations on the type of grades a Khazanah scholar has to maintain while at university?
    As this is a premier scholarship programme for the best scholars to study in the most excellent academic environments, we expect our scholars to perform at the highest level throughout the duration of their study. Scholars must satisfy all courseworks, examinations and/or dissertation requirements.
  • Am I bound to work at Khazanah once I return from my studies? If yes, for how long?
    Recipients of Khazanah Scholarships will be required to serve Khazanah Nasional or other approved organisations for a duration equal to the study period. The exact time one actually starts to serve the scholarship bond with Khazanah Nasional or with an organisation assigned by Khazanah Nasional will depend on need. It may commence upon graduation, but where conditions permit, we allow our scholars to gain experience in approved organisations outside of the Khazanah Companies, up to the same duration of their scholarship bond with us. Where the duration of study or duration of sponsorship under Yayasan Khazanah is less than 2 years, one will be required to work at Khazanah Nasional or an approved organisations for a minimum of two years.
  • Am I guaranteed a job at Khazanah Nasional, or one of the GLCs or at one of its partner companies?
    Employment with Khazanah Nasional or with companies assigned by Yayasan Khazanah is not automatic, but will follow the normal hiring processes. It is in our interest to seek appropriate employment opportunities for scholars that come under our sponsorship in Khazanah Nasional or in GLCs.
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