Selection Process

We have completed our 2019 Selection Cycle which was opened last March. We are pleased to share the key information pertaining to our overall selection status and process. 


Candidates need to go through 5 levels of assessment under the Khazanah Global (including Khazanah – OCIS and Khazanah - Cambridge) Scholarship Programme. For Watan Scholarship Programme, in total there are 4 levels of assessments. Stage 1 and 2 are administered online while stage 3 is a combination of online and face-to-face assessments. Stage 4 and 5 are interview sessions.


We have a robust screening and selection process which follows our stringent criteria for selection. Every year, we receive a strong pool of candidates. Needless to say, competition for the scholarship is also very strong.


We would like to congratulate those who have gone through all our selection process successfully and been awarded with our scholarship. 

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