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Nanang Ariswibowo
Investing in Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Promise.
"YK has made me who I am today – someone who strives to be better every day."
Nanang Ariswibowo, 29, Master of Business Administration
I received both financial and non-financial supports throughout my engagement with YK. It was a fruitful two-years break from my hectic working life that I have been living since 2010. All I had to do was focus on my MBA study – while YK handled the rests (fully sponsored the tuition fee, living expenses, and international conferences).

I gained much of life experiences through its development programs, such as YKPSP, YKLC, CR Day, and CBL. YK nurtured me not only to be academically outstanding. It was way beyond that – it also equipped me with capabilities to fully exercise my consciousness (lead with conscious, for instance). These necessity soft-skills are proven to be very beneficial to my daily life, particularly in supporting my job which requires massive interaction and communication with people from different nationalities, generations, and cultural backgrounds.

YK has made me who I am today – someone who strives to be better every day.

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